Benin Visa

Benin eVisa is very easy and fast to apply, you can apply only through a phone or PC anytime, All you need is to submit the Benin eVisa application form, and make the payment, then the Benin eVisa usually will delivery to your email within 24 Hours.

Benin Visa Eligble

Benin eVisa is eligible for all travelers from all nationalities, except citizens from countries who are visa exempt, unlikely the traditional paper visa, all travellers can apply for Benin eVisa online before travel, to avoid deny of entry upon arrival.

Types of Benin e-Visa Online

Benin Visa/eVisa allows travelers to enter Benin for tourist, visiting or business purposes, Benin have 3 Types e-Visa: Benin 30 days singe entry eVisa, Benin 30 days multiple entry eVisa, Benin Multiple Entry eVisa (90 days).


Benin International Airport

Entry visas are restricted. Entry and exit at border crossings is limited to “extreme necessity” and authorised in liaison with bordering countries. Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. You do not need any additional period of validity.

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Testing on arrival and departure

Cotonou Cadjehoun International Airport has reinforced measures in place for visitors arriving in Benin. All arriving passengers must undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing - one test on arrival and a second test 14 days after the first negative test result.

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Benin Entry Requirment

Those who test positive for COVID-19 will be subject to government-mandated isolation measures and will receive treatment free of charge. Quarantine areas will be guarded by defence and security forces to ensure that quarantine regulations are strictly adhered.

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Stay Safe and best wishes for 2021!