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The Angola Visa |Get Angola Visa within 48 hours: All foreign visitors need to apply for Angolan visa, before arrival, apply for an Angola Tourist visa, Angola Business visa, and Angola visiting visa online.

Angola Visa Informatiom

Angola Visa: Since 30 March 2018, Angola immigration introduced a digital system for visitors from 62 countries. It is an electronic authorization granted by Angola immigration to a eligible foreign visitors, allowing them to enter, remain within, or leave Angola. Angola Visa typically can be use for tourist visa, visiting visa and business visa purpose.

Angola Visa Validity Period

Angola Visa Validity must be used within 60 days from the issue date, and is valid for 120 days, for multiple entries, It allows a stay of up to 30 days and can be extended twice for the same period. Your passports must have a validity of 6 months with at least 2 blank pages. Angola-Visa validity period.

Angola Visa Requirements

  • 1, A valid passport with at least a minimum of 6 months before entry date and 2 or 4 blank pages
  • 2, Onward ticket
  • 3, Hotel Reservation or Invitation letter (If visiting family or friends)
  • 4, International Yellow fever certificate
  • 5, Proof of livelihood
  • 6, Clear front face photo
  • Angola Visa Requirements Online


Angola International Airport

Luanda International Airport, (IATA Airport Code: LAD) is the current international airport serve all flight in Angola, Scheduled International services include flights to Lisbon (7 days a week), Rio de Janeiro (3 days a week), Sao Paulo (4 days a week), Beijing (3 days a week), Dubai (3 days a week), Porto (3 days a week) and London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Madrid are all scheduled to fly twice weekly.

Angola International Airport

Angola COVID-19 Retriction

All passengers are required to show a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) test completed 72 hours before entry to Angola. All passengers are required to complete an Advance Passenger Information form (FRV form) 72 hours before entry to Angola,together with other travel documents. Please note that only the RT-PCR test (not the rapid test) will satisfy the requirements of airlines and international airports.

Angola COVID-19 Retriction

Angola Quarantine Rules

The Angolan government has instituted mandatory home quarantine for anyone entering the country, Government regulations require arriving passengers to re-test seven days after arrival and be released by the health authorities in order to leave quarantine.  For those unable to quarantine at home, or for those who test positive upon arrival, the Government of Angola has set up multiple quarantine sites throughout the...

Angola Quarantine Rules

Angola Visa Extension

The Angola eVisa can be use for tourist-visa, visiting-visa and business-visa purpose and allows a stay of up to 30 days, and can be extend twice for the same period. Check visa extension page

How to apply for Angola eVisa Online?

Applicant must submit the Angola online application form, first apply for a Angola online pre-visa, then received pre-visa approval, print it out and take the copy along then obtain a final visa on arrival at the below designated ports of entry.

Angola immigration visa cost: the cost of an Angola visa on arrival is USD$120 or €110.84, depends on foreign exchange rate

but there is more to it than that. Read the information below to learn more. First of all, not all nationalities can get an Angola visa on arrival. There are only 62 countries whose citizens can apply for it. The eVisa fee must be paid at the Angola e-Visa Counter at the airport

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Angola Visa Policy

  • Angola Visa Policy: 1, In order to apply for Angola eVisa, eligible applicant must submit Angola-visa application and provide all required documents.

  • Angola Visa Services
  • 2, The Angola Visa Services: Angola eVisa is an authorized travel document issued by the authority, it is like a pre-visa, you will have to print it out along with your passport and all documents, present them to the immigration officer upon arrival. If you accidentally lost your Angola eVisa or forgot it, you can send us an email with a request, we will retrieve it for you within a few hours. Fill and submit the Angola visa form online. Angolan e-Visas are issued by the country’s Migration and Foreigners Service, abbreviated as SME, the government body responsible for visas. Angola immigration website

  • 3, The Angola e-Visa is also valid for business purposes.
  • To apply Angola e-Visa you must hold a valid passport with at least 2 or 4 blank pages and a minimum of 6 months to 9 months before expiration.

  • 4, You must have approval Angola e-Visa before traveling, otherwise, you may be denied of entry.

  • 5, Upon arrival in Angola, you will have to present your passport along with your printed Angola eVisa and all the documents you submitted with your application. Including the Angola Travel Registration Form (FRV)

  • 6, e-visa-Angola | Angola Visa Fees: Apart from the online service fees charged by Upon arrival, you will have to pay 120$ at the immigration desk to get the final entry permit.

  • Do i need a visa to go to angola all foreign visitors need to apply for e-visa Angola Online Before Arrival. There are only 62 countries whose citizens can apply for online visa eligible foreign visitors

  • Citizens of 62 countries are eligible for Angola Visa:

    • Angola visa Algerian
    • Angola visa Argentina
    • Angola visa Australia
    • Angola visa Austria
    • Angola visa Belgium
    • Angola visa Brazil
    • Angola visa Bulgaria
    • Angola visa Canada
    • Angola visa Chile
    • Angola visa Chinese
    • Angola visa Croatia
    • Angola visa Cuba
    • Angola visa Cyprus
    • Angola visa Czech Republic
    • Angola visa Denmark
    • Angola visa Eswatini
    • Angola visa Estonia
    • Angola visa Equatorial/G
    • Angola visa Guinea-Bissau
    • Angola visa Finland
    • Angola visa France
    • Angola visa Germany
    • Angola visa Greece
    • Angola visa Hungary
    • Angola visa Iceland
    • Angola visa Ireland
    • Angola visa India
    • Angola visa Indonesia
    • Angola visa Israel
    • Angola visa Italy
    • Angola visa Japan
    • Angola visa Latvia
    • Angola visa Lesotho
    • Angola visa Lithuania
    • Angola visa Luxembourg
    • Angola visa Madagascar
    • Angola visa Malawi
    • Angola visa Malta
    • Angola visa Monaco
    • Angola visa Morocco
    • Angola visa Netherlands
    • Angola visa New Zealand
    • Angola visa N/Ireland
    • Angola visa Norway
    • Angola visa Poland
    • Angola visa Portugal
    • Angola visa Romania
    • Angola visa Russia
    • Angola visa S/T Príncipe
    • Angola visa Slovakia
    • Angola visa Slovenia
    • Angola visa South Korea
    • Angola visa Spain
    • Angola visa Sweden
    • Angola visa Switzerland
    • Angola visa Timor-Leste
    • Angola visa UA Emirates
    • Angola visa UK Apply
    • Angola visa USA Online
    • Angola visa Uruguay
    • Angola visa Uganda
    • Angola visa Vatican City
    • Angola visa Venezuela
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