Singapore Arrival Card

It is a single entry electronic admission document a version of the paper disembarkation/embarkation (DE) card (or commonly known as the white card) which foreign travelers are required to complete up to 3 days in advance of their intended arrival date in Singapore and submit on arrival, to avoid wasting time and paper at the airport.

Where to apply for SG Arrival Card Online?

Singapore arrival card visitors can use the online method to apply for arrival card from anywhere in the world. Some advantages of this system to the traveler, the arrival card can be applied for quickly over the internet at any time, from any location, and 24 hours support.

Receive the SG Arrival Card

Applicants will receive their Arrival Card via email after filling the online application form.

Applicants passport must be at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Singapore and have at least two page available for stamping.

processing-documents Singapore Arrival Card Requirements

  • Applicant Valid passport at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Singapore;
  • Contact information in Singapore;
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Travel information;
  • Mode of travel;
  • Entry and Departure date;

Singapore Arrival Card Policy

The successful submission of your arrival card information does not guarantee entry into Singapore, please check entery requirement...

Singapore Arrival Card (SAC)

In August 2019, the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) introduced the Electronic Arrival Card to replace the traditional paper Disembarkation / Embarkation Card (DE Card). Upon arrival in SG, you will have to present your passport along with your printed arrival Card on Arrival and all the documents you submitted with your application.

Apply for Singapore Health Declaration

It is an electronic admission document which Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents & Long-Term Pass Holders can complete up to 3 days in advance of their intended arrival date in Singapore, and avoid wasting time and paper at the airport. Applicants will receive their Electronic Health Declaration via email after filling our application form.

Border Control Measures

  • Travellers planning to enter Singapore should be prepared to be subjected to the prevailing border control measures and public health requirements.
  • before arriving in Singapore: All travellers are required to apply for Arrival Card
  • You can submit your electronic health declaration 3 days prior to your date of arrival in Singapore.

Authorized Singapore Entry Points

The SG Arrival Card is valid for a single entry in Singapore through these designated entry points:

Step 1

Submit online application

Apply only takes less than 2 minutes, once you begin to fill the Arrival Card application form.

Step 2


Our team reviews your provided information, all the information provided must match the requirement.

Step 3

Receive SG Arrival Card

Once your Arrival Card application is lodged we will send you a confirmation via email with all necessary details.

Frequently Ask Question singapore-frequently-ask-question Singapore Arrival Card

customer-assistance customer-assistance customer-assistance sg-arrival-card-fast-approval

Services government
We support 24/365 Online Application.
Correction of missing or incorrect information.
Review of application by electronic travel authorization experts before being submitted to the Government.
Assistance by travel experts in the following native languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic, among others..
Simplified application process.
24/7/365 email support and Assistance
Email Recovery in case of loss or misplacement, with the passport information used for the application
Your approved SG Arrival Card sent via email in PDF format
Verification and validation of additional required information.
Multiple Global payment methods accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, Maestro, Discover
Privacy protection and safe form.
Multiple Global currency methods accepted: Pound sterling, AUD, USD, EURO, YUAN,

Disclaimer: This website is a professional travel agency that aims to assist individuals, companies and legal entities to complete their travel document and paperwork. And not affiliated with Government or it`s sponsors, An application can also be submitted for a lower cost through the Government’s website here, though this would be without our professional review and expert service. There is a service fee, which includes expert help and assistance, and the fees charged by the Government.

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